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Kartik Desai
I have been working in the impact investment industry for over a decade, starting first with the Rockefeller Foundation in 2000 exploring the idea of venture philanthropy and subsequently with two leading Indian impact funds (Lok & Aavishkaar) and now Asha Impact. Having read so much on this sector - mostly dry industry reports - reading this book by Jayesh bhai is such a revelation and breath of fresh air. Being a seasoned investor, entrepreneur and humanist, Jayesh bhai is able to bring to life the magic of impact investing through the perspectives of so many visionaries - not just traditional business people but leaders from all walks of life. Truly a joy to read, this book sits on my shelf and I find myself referring to it regularly to read a chapter here or there whenever I need inspiration!
Rupal Gaggar
I am not much of a reader unfortunately. However I am reading and re-reading the chapters here and awakening to the fact, I can do so much more. Can’t be more thankful that I met Mr Jayesh Parekh and more importantly got my hands on this book. This is my Christmas gift to a lot of people. Hope it awakens the nicer part of them.
Satyajit Chakraborty
Jayesh has curated a list of highly successful individuals from diverse backgrounds and through his interviews, has provided the readers with invaluable insights on their journey so far, a sneak peek into their minds. This is not only inspiring, there is learning in every page. It is wisdom! It is priceless!
Mahendra Maru MD
Just wanted to congratulate you Jayesh for release of your new book and let you know that the book is great and very inspiring and gives us some idea what can be done any amount of wealth one has and your selection of people interviewed is very good and covers wide spectrum of segment and I have already read almost 75% of the book so far and have thoroughly enjoyed it. Keep up with the good work and I have told many of my friends and family to order and read it as this is like a guiding light for all of us. Come see us when in USA next time in Kentucky Regards Mahendra Maru MD
Ami Doshi
Thank you for sharing this gem of a collection of insights and hopes from an incredible list of people - this book is thought provoking, heart warming and full of hope. Thoughtful insight on our relationship with the abundance as well as a lack of money, our responsibility towards infusing our values into the wealth that is transitioning to our nextgen, what we envision as our lifetime legacy.. not just our legacy after we pass - so many wonderful nuggets of wisdom.
Girish Pamnani
Loved the different perspectives on giving. Perhaps, it is the giving which has made the individuals truly rich. Thank you Jayesh for putting together this terrific book.
Soma Mohanty Garg
Very interesting topic...inspirational in its presentation. Unique handling with perspectives from a wide spectrum of people of different backgrounds. Something for everyone.
A very interesting and rare compilation of interviews on a very difficult subject. Every reader will find inspiration from one or another of the interviews, however young or old. Thank you Jayesh.
Subin Subaiah
In a time of tremendous moral confusion about the creation and employment of wealth it is great to listen to voices of experience “chatting” about their own wrestling matches with the dilemma!!!
Amish Mehta
Excellent idea and nicely articulated. Jayesh has put in lot of effort and his contribution is absolutely divine.
Rewati Paithankar
This is an excellent book. Worth reading . I would like to translate this book to Marathi with the permission of the author/publisher.
Suresh keerthi
Jayesh a book well compiled of affluent Indian Diaspora Its shows that the generation you interviewed rose from middle class to affluence through sacrifices n hard work Hence many realised their obligation to give back to less unfortunate society from which many came out Very insightful. It’s important to reach millennials to read it , who will be beneficiaries of the wealth n how they would react to inheritance n how would they bring good value n greater impact to themselves n society Once again kudos Jayesh Well done.
Jayesh, from his interactions with many high profile people, has conveyed how important it is to accumulate wealth and how more important it is to channelise the wealth in the right way. He also clearly says how unimportant it is to cling to it beyond your comfortable needs.
Soma Roy
This is a Book for all of us right now, where we are giving all importance to making money, chasing money not knowing what is the true utility of all this money.... and above all what are we giving our next Gen? Money? What shall they do with all this money? Are we guiding them? Is it required? Will they use all this money for creating something greater? And What shall we do with all this Money? A Book well penned by Jayesh, putting all the perspectives of personalities from various walks of life.... truly a READ worth every Bit...
Haren Negandhi
Fabulous articulation. An insight into the aspects of practical and philosophical approach to life. Wonderful and interesting take. A must read for all.
Hemant pandya
Very interesting subject from very experienced person. Fabulous presentation. Just Wonderful.
Tushar Goswami
This is an excellent book.